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Alarming increases in chronic disease as we age demands a prevention revolution. It is now imperative that we empower individuals to take control of their health, to avoid the nursing home and keep well.

Today, pioneering breakthroughs in the realm of longevity medical research and technology are unfurling before our eyes. Neglecting these prospects is a luxury we can no longer afford. It is paramount that we familiarise ourselves with the ever-evolving landscape in our relentless and necessary pursuit to extend our healthspan as we age. The traditional approach to 'sickcare' requires a fundamental change.


  • Two-thirds of Australians over 45 are affected by preventable chronic conditions. 

  • 45-64 age - 29.9% live with one chronic condition; 30.1% have two or more.

  • 65+ age - 29.4% live with one chronic condition; 50.5% have two or more.

  • Total spending on health in 2022–23 is estimated at $105.8 billion, representing 16.8% of the Australian Government’s total expenditure.

  • ­Cost of avoidable hospital admissions due to ‘ineffective management’ of chronic disease is $320m a year.

  • 80% of chronic conditions can be prevented through lifestyle intervention.
    (AIHW, The Grattan Institute and Australian Prevention Partnership)

There is change - 

The National University Health System (NUHS) in Singapore has paved the way for a groundbreaking initiative with the establishment of the NUHS Centre for Healthy Longevity. This institute, a global pioneer, integrates pre-clinical and clinical research on ageing and is poised to spearhead the field of Longevity Medicine. Its focus is on clinical research aimed at extending the healthspan by delaying the ageing process. Could Australia seize a similar opportunity?

Welcome to the Longevity Festival

Igniting a new health movement and revolution in longevity, through science, technology, education and empowerment.

Please join us.


We have more options now to thrive in the second half

of our lives. We can't afford not to take them.

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