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Questions to be asked, answers to be discovered.

Insightful, empowering, changing, illuminating topics -

We are open to any topics that you would like to cover. Some ideas - 

  • How do we support policymakers to move from the treat-the-sick culture of yesterday towards
    proactively prevention?

  • Drugs , surgery, tests, scans - are we overdiagnosing?

  • Do genetics load the gun and the environment pulls the trigger?

  • Should the TGA classify ageing as a disease for which treatment therapies could be approved?

  • We investigate good, bad and mad health advice.

  • How to change ageism in the workplace, the streets, the media and advertising?

  • How can a society with more older people than younger ones thrive?

  • What are the profound changes coming to our economy and society in the era of unretirement?

  • How to change the collective understanding of what later life looks which currently remains woefully outdated?

  • How should family life, education, work, financial preparedness and health practices change in order to support a possible 100-year life?

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