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A captive audience awaits our partners.

Exposure: showcase your organisation’s products, services, or innovations to a relevant and influential audience, increasing brand visibility.

Networking: share knowledge and exchange ideas with key industry stakeholders, potential clients, and partners, fostering valuable relationships.

Thought leadership: establish your organisation as a thought leader in the longevity sector, enhancing credibility and trust.

Research and insights: access to the latest research, trends, and insights presented at the Festival  

Collaboration: partnerships can lead to collaborative projects, research, and business opportunities that benefit both your organisation and the community.

Marketing and promotions: launch and promote new products or services to a targeted audience.

Brand visibility and recognition: on Festival website and multi-channel promotion 

Speaking engagement:  share valuable insights, case studies, or research contributing to the Festival's content quality.

Discounted tickets: expand your network, increase exposure, strengthen relationships with clients, customers and prospects.


Our Partners must align with Longevity BRAIN Festival goals and values. 

For further information please contact

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