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Exploring flavours of longevity: Science and tech redefine our health's palette.

  • Diets explained - including anti-inflammatory diets, caloric restriction and fasting-mimicking diets, Mediterranean diet

  • Nutrigenetics - what and how to eat to maximise health

  • Nutrigenomics - how the foods you choose change how your genes are expressed

  • Gut microbiome - learn how scientists are discovering how it affects metabolism, immune function, and even cognitive health. 

  • Metabolic health and insulin sensitivity - Investigate how dietary choices are closely linked to ageing and age-related diseases.

  • Functional foods - to support health and longevity.

  • Longevity nutraceuticals - resveratrol, NAD+ boosters, and rapamycin and other compounds are being explored for their impact on healthspan.

Lifehacks for increased healthspan>>>

Brain optimisation>>>

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