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The web of life weaves a tapestry of ailments, where inflammation and ageing intertwine. Understand this constellation of afflictions and discover prevention strategies - 

  • Inflammation - The body's fiery response, a healing symphony of cells.

  • Cancer - that insidious usurper of vitality, besieges our cells with unbridled fury.

  • CVD - an insidious architect of chaos, orchestrates a symphony of maladies within our most vital corridors. Diabetes, the silent saboteur, inflicts its devastation upon the body's intricate metabolic balance.

  • Pulmonary diseases - harbingers of breathless despair, ensnare our lungs in their merciless grasp.

  • The realm of neurological afflictions - a labyrinth of enigma, haunts our minds with its mysterious machinations.

  •  Musculoskeletal conditions - casting its shadow over the delicate dance of muscles, bones, and joints.

(by ChatGPT)



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